Planning a special trip?

Working with a handpicked group of the best creative-minded tour operators and trip planners on the planet, Leah and the greater Lâ Moose network can assist with as much or as little as needed, happy to create an event-driven travel itinerary from scratch or to suggest a trusted travel partner who can.

Lâ Moose is on a first name basis with seasoned chefs, luxury hotel owners, esteemed wine makers, personable tour guides, old-fashioned mozzarella makers, gregarious ship’s captains, talented musicians, fine artists, and many, many others. Leah has personally stayed in more than 100 of the top destination hotels on earth and has eaten in enough Michelin starred restaurants to know the difference between a lobster pick and a fondue fork (even blindfolded).

Along with putting our vast destination knowledge to use for leisure travel, Lâ Moose also specializes in location scouting for special events, weddings, conferences, and media projects including film, television, and photo shoots.

The world is our oyster.